Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two trios of desktops at Best Buy

Sure laptops are everywhere, but how about some love for the desktops? They have been everyone's favorite punching bag, but you really can't replace a good desktop if you need desktop functionality :)

And this week's Best Buy circular features a trio of desktops, each one coming bundled with an LCD monitor.

We start with the Acer AX1700-U1710A at $430, a rather reasonable price considering the 20" widescreen LCD monitor that is included. The computer itself has the dual-core Celeron E1400 processor, 3gb memory, 320gb hard disk, NVidia GeForce G100 graphics, dvd burner of course, wireless-N, and everyone's other favorite punching bag, Vista Premium.

Next up, at $500, we find the HP S3700Y desktop bundled with the HP W1907 monitor. The monitor is "only" a 19-incher by the way. The processor is a Athlon X2 dual-core 5000, with 3gb memory, 32g0b disk, dvd burner and NVidia 6150 SE. And of course all the other expected features, including Vista Premium.

Last but not least is the HP S3720Y bundled with the 22-inch HP W2207H monitor for $630. The processor here is the Pentium E5200 dual-core, with 4gb memory, half a terabyte hard disk, dvd burner and NVidia 7100 graphics module.

So the decision is yours, desktop or laptop? :-)

But we are not done yet, now we move to the second trio which includes the more expensive models.

We start with the Gateway LX6810-01, bundled with the 19" HD1900 LCD monitor and the Canon MP240 printer for $850. No rebates as usual, as we all know by now that Best Buy hates rebates with a passion. The monitor may be small but you get 8gb of memory, 640gb hard disk, and the Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 processor. Take that slow programs and memory hogs!!! But that's not all, the graphics card has some gifts too, it has its own 1gb of dedicated memory. The card being the NVidia GeForce GT120. Yum?

If you prefer a bundle, but a bigger display and a lower price, HP has an alternative for you! For $800, you get these pieces:
+ HP A6755Y computer
+ HP W2207H display (22 inches)
+ all-in-one F4280 printer

The computer, the HP A6755Y comes with the AMD X4 quad-core 9500 processor, 6gb of memory (versus eight above), 640gb hard disk, and a more modest graphics card, the ATI Radeon HD 3200 with 256mb of dedicated memory. Not bad!

And we close with something more expensive, four figures actually. At $1200 you get the HP M9515Y desktop, with the 22-inch HP W2207H display and the F4820 all-in-one printer. Apart from a quad-core AMD X4 9850 processor, you get 8gb of memory, 750gb hard disk, the NVidia 9600GS memory card with 768mb dedicated memory, dvd burner but also the ability to play BluRay discs. That's not all, it has plenty of other features, including TV recording, wireless-N, lightscribe and a whole lot more!

And this concludes our desktop round-up at Best Buy for this week!

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