Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laptop specials at Fry's

Let's take a quick look at the latest Fry's ad to see if they have any laptops of interest out there!

We start with a Microsoft-funded promotion, you can get their Rainier 15.4" laptop backpack if you purchase it together with a laptop for just $20. If you buy it on its own, without a laptop to hold in its blue-screen arms, then the price you pay is $48. No rebates are required either way.

The biggest price deal is the Toshiba L305D-S5940 going for a mere $400. This is a limited time offer, probably in-store only. You can't complain about a Toshi for $400! This lovely has an Athlon 64 X2 DC QL-60 processor, 2gb memory (okay, complain here), 160gb disk, dvd burner, 15.4" display. As you can see from the specs it's a slightly older model, but if you love Toshis, then grab it if you can! And don't forget to get the MSFT-subsidized laptop backpack for an extra $20.

Next we move to a more advanced Toshiba, the L305-S5939 which goes for $550 (not a bad price either) and may have limited availability and such. It has a Centrino Core-2-Duo T6400 processor set, 4gb memory, 320gb disk, 64-bit Vista, 15.4" WXGA, and all the usual stuff you would expect to find with such a notebook.

And that's about it as far as Wintels. On the Apple front, you get a ...granny ;-) Okay, seriously now, the advertised MacBook is the 15.4" MacBookPro for $1950 (hello Apple fans, you are getting ripped by Apple!), which has a 2.4 GHz Core2 Duo processor, 15.4" display (LED backlit, 1440x900), unibody construction, 2gb DDR3 memory, 250gb SATA HDD, slot-loading Superdrive, webcam (or should I call it iWebcam?), and things like that. Also of note, an NVidia 9600M GT video card with 256gb DDR3 memory of its very own. You also get the Mac OS X 10.5 Kitten operating system. Or is it Cheetah? Or Leopard? :-)

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