Tuesday, December 2, 2008

MicroCenter CENTERewards tempts buyers with free 2gb SD or USB stick

MicroCenter is going to be launching a brand new rewards program, and they are having a freebie-giveaway to encourage tech buyers and geeks alike to sign up for the program.The program is FREE to join, and the freebie is a 2gb SD memory card or a 2gb USB Flash drive.

The program is currently in pre-enrollment phase and it will go live on January 5, 2009, just after all the major holiday shopping is done. I'm sure not be coincidence, since people would pile up a lot of rewards during the busy shopping month of December :-)

The benefits of the reward program, judging from the brochure that came in the mail, include special reward coupon offers and additional benefits once the program launched in 2009. You will earn a bonus every time you shop, but there are no details yet on how you earn the points and how they can be redeemed. This is in the early-stages for the hardcore pre-enrollment geeks :-)

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