Monday, November 10, 2008

Laptop vs Desktop: Some ideas

So what do you get? A laptop or a desktop? The choices are plenty these days, which makes the decision even harder. So, rather than doing a traditional pros and cons, instead we are going to present to you some trade-offs that might help you in making such a decision.

Laptop vs Desktop Trade-offs
  • A display is glued-in with your laptop
  • You can't easily cannibalize and mix-and-match with a laptop
  • You can't take your desktop with you
  • The price no longer favors desktops significantly
  • You can find sub-$500 laptops without much bargain-hunting effort
  • Large variety of USB accessories (including hard disks) level the playing field
  • desktops are still cheaper
  • if laptop is your only computer, beware of what type of private data you store if you are out and about with your laptop

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