Thursday, November 13, 2008

Laptop news from the blogosphere

Let's take a look at the high-tech websites and blogs, and see some of the interesting stories from the world of laptops and computing.

We start with a couple of Dell stories at Engadget, first up the Dell Vostro A860 is coming to the USA market soon, and starting at $380. This is an affordable but very usable laptop, with a 15.6" display, GMA X3100+, and things like that. The other Dell story is that customizable artsy-fartsy laptops will be becoming more prevalent in 2009.

Attention frequent travelers! Crunch Gear has a review of a TSA-approved laptop bag by Travelon. There's even a 4 minute video portion of the review.

The 16:9 15.6" laptops are springing up everywhere to mirror the 16:9 of HDTVs, but CNet's Crave asks the tough and smart question: Who really needs this?

And speaking of CNet, be sure to check out their holiday shopping guide for laptops. They have broken them down in four categories, based on (what else) price. If the price is right, the deal is right too!

We already talked about laptops vs netbooks, and now there is another opinion, UberGizmo says there is a perfect storm

It's all about the customers at Best Buy, and by flexing their muscle, they have managed to get HP and Toshiba to create Best Buy blue label laptops.

And one last thing, for waves and waves of new laptop and computer specials, be sure to check the Notebooks Etc blog, which is part of our new high-tech Laptop Zen blog-hive.

We hoped you enjoyed this round-up of the latest news. Check back tomorrow for more! And if you would like to see specific topics covered, please feel free to leave a comment with your requests. Unfortunately we are not The Oprah, so we cannot put a brand new laptop under everyone's chair :)

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