Friday, November 28, 2008

Hot Black Friday deals at has some nice Black Friday deals, starting with the Targues 15.4" League backpack for just $20 and with free budget shipping. This is a nice and stylish little backpack as you can see below:

Continuing with the accessories theme, we find the Kensington Ci70 wireless optical mouse for a mere $15 and with FREE budget shipping. Did we mention its stylish? Needless to say, wireless means a USB mouse, obviously not a PS/2 :-)

And because you can never have too much storage, an 8gb Kingston SDHC memory card costs a mere $14 and with free budget shipping. If you pull out your calculators, you will discover that this is less than $2 per gigabyte!

And when we say buy some "caviar", we don't mean the stinky elitist crapola! We mean the Western Digital Caviar 1TB internal hard disk drive, SATA, and with 3GB/s according to specs. The price? A cool one hundred bucks and with free shipping, but don't sleep on this one! It's only good for Black Friday!

We hope you enjoyed these specials. Stay tuned for more!

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