Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dell invades the Sunday paper with an eight page circular ad

Dell is on the attack with an eight page circular ad in the Sunday papers. Yes, eight good pages of Dell goodies. Laptops are the stars of the show, as they occupy more than half of the pages. Viva laptops!

The Exotics
And this is a diverse portfolio of laptops advertised, touching upon most of Dell's popular product line-ups, going as small as the Mini-9 and as "big" as the more expensive XPS series.

But the meat is in-between, with the Studio 15 and 17 models being the "centerfold". Oh that "tangerine" color looks good, but considering that you will be carrying that around for a while, consider that the orange after-glow will be with you long after your infatuation with the coolness of that color ;-)

Let them have Inspirons
The bread and butter of course are the mass market Inspirons, with the 1525 being prominently featured in three different configurations, and as low as $530 and with free shipping, which is not a bad deal for a Dell-branded laptop.

Why not a bad deal? It comes with a dual-core T3200, 3gb memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner, webcam, and the less obnoxious Vista Basic, which solves your problem of having to "tone down" the Aero-holic features of Premium.

A very smart and directed circular ad by Dell. Very effective, especially among people who do not eat and breathe laptops on a daily basis. Ultimately of course, price is king and queen and princess at the same time, especially in these tough economic times.

But consider this, a laptop is a productivity tool, that can help you improve your work, hobbies or other projects. So $500 spend on a laptop can have a practical productivity impact, while $500 spend on designer watches and jewelry does absolutely nothing to increase productivity nor provide any practical benefits.

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