Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Buy throws down the $300 laptop gauntlet

Take that ultra-mobile and mini-PCs! Best Buy goes on the traditional laptop attack with a $300 laptop, no rebates. Assuming of course you can find it in-stock which is a very very very big IF.

The laptop in question is the 14.1" eMachines EMD620-5777 offered at exactly $300. This is no slouch, it has 1gb of memory, 120gb hard disk, wireless "G", and the AMD 2650e processor, and Vista Basic. Vista Basic is actually a blessing in disguise, especially considering the specs :-) This is a Best Buy exclusive model.

Did we mention a 14.1" widescreen display which is preferred as a compromise by some travelers and mobile users. A compromise between the bigger 15.4" and the smaller 13.3" that is.

Let the Black Friday price wars begin!

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