Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday deals at Lenovo (HOT or NOT?)

The Cyber Monday deals at Lenovo are very promising, especially if they have what you are looking for!

And when you visit their website, be sure to notice that in the top left corner there is a special eCoupon code that can get you maximum savings! And all online purchases get free shipping during this promotion!

The specials include Thinkpads and IdeaPads starting at $450 with the use of the aforementioned eCoupon. So don't forget to enter the eCoupon if you want to get the lowest prices! Also on sale are desktops and various computer accessories.

And if you are interested in paying with the "Bill Me Later" option, you can save an extra ten bucks, assuming your order is fifty bucks or more.

So don't delay, check all the Cyber Monday deals of Lenovo-Thinkpad!

Cyber Monday deals at NewEgg are live!

The Cyber Monday deals at are now live and there are plenty of them. Sixty different products in five pages wait for you to grab and load up in your shopping cart. The prices are good to great, depending on what you need and where you are paying sales tax. Let's take a look at some of the hottest items of interest.

Laptop and Netbook
  • Acer Aspire One 8.9" netbook for $250
  • ASUS M50Vm-X1 notebook (P8400, 4gb, 250gb, 15.4", 9600M GS) for exactly $1000

  • CyberpowerPC Gamer Infinity 6320 (E8400, 4GB ram, etc) for $450
  • Acer X223Wbd 22" widescreen LCD monitor (5ms, 1680x1050, DVI), $150

Hardware and Accessories
  • Rosewill RNA-E3008 Laptop Travel Kit (mouse, webphone & card-reader), $10 with FREE shipping!
  • OCZ Core Series V2 OCZSSD2-2C30G 2.5" Internal Solid state disk (30gb SSD) for $50 after-rebate
  • Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB (3.5" SATA 7200rpm etc) hard drive, $95
  • Rosewill RKV-2UC 2-Port USB KVM Switch - just $15
  • Save an extra $10 off order of $50+ if you use "Bill Me Later" as a payment option

For these and a whole lot more, be sure to check the Cyber Monday deals at!

Friday, November 28, 2008

HP dv7-1130us 17-incher for $750 (after $50 MIR)

We continue our laptop deals marathon with an "entertainment" laptop, the HP Pavilion dv7-1130us (FS126UA). This is offered by J&R World for $750, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

While people buy huge screen TVs, how can a 17" screen be entertainment? Well, the answer is simple: How many of your travel with your 50" HDTV? QED? Need I explain more? :)

Okay, silliness aside, this 17" widescreen Pavilion offers a little bit of everything, from the AMD Turion X2 RM-70 (2GHz) processor, to a nice 4GB of memory (maximum eight), 250GB disk, and the ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics system. Needless to say, we find the usual assortment of features, such as dvd burner, webcam, wireless, and the 64-bit Vista Premium. More bits is better, or more bits is more opportunities to blue-screen? :-)

Speaking of entertainment, the 17" display is of the WXGA+ variety (1440 x 900 resolution). Okay, so now you know why the price is low(er) than competitors :-)

Other features include an ExpressCard slot, card-reader, hdmi, and things like that. This is not a featherweight netbook as you can suspect, so it's no surprise that it weights seven and a half pounds.

Toshiba U405-S2856 (13.3" widescreen) for $850 and free shipping

If the 15.4" Satellite is too big for you, we have a nice alternative! Well not we, but J&R World does. They are offering the Toshiba Satellite U405-S2856 (PSU44U-00C00W) for $850 and free shipping and handling.

This is a portable notebook, with a 13.3" widescreen display (1280x800). But don't let the small(er) screen scare you, this laptop has a byte (okay, bite). It is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz) processor, and has an odd 3GB of memory, 320GB disk, dvd burner, Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics module, along with the usual assortment of wireless, webcam, and such. The OS is the Vista Premium SP1. Where are the XP drives? :-)

A bit of a surprise perhaps is that it has an FM tuner with an antenna. Hey, if it's a traveler's laptop, it might as well pick up some music when there are no internets around to connect to :-)

And now to the Jenny Craig segment, the weight. It's a reasonable 4.41 pounds, about one and a half pounds lighter than your typical 15.4" widescreen laptop.

Toshiba A305-S6883 for $830 with free shipping

If you are looking for a powerful 15.4" laptop from a well-known brand, and under four-figures, then keep on reading! We present to you the Toshiba Satellite A305-S6883icon, offered for $830 and with free shipping by J&R World.

Where is the power you ask? An Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 (2GHz) processor, 4GB of memory, 320GB disk, dvd burner, GMA 4500MHD graphics, wireless, webcam, and 64bit Vista Premium. And of course a WXGA (1280 x 800) TruBrite TFT LCD display. This of course relative to the price-point, you can't except to this to be spec'ed like a $2000 laptop and cost less than half :-)


Acer Aspire AOA150-1570 for just $350

A top seller at Amazon, the Acer Aspire 8.9" AOA150-1570 netbook is on sale at J&R World as well, offered for $350 (sapphire blue color).

This has the usual specs of the "stereotypical 2008 netbook", if such a monster exists. So here we go, it has the Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz) processor, 1GB memory, 120gb hard disk, Intel GMA950 graphics module, wireless, webcam, etc, etc, etc. The operating system is every Vista-haters favorite, XP Home. And this is quite lightweight, at a mere 2.2 pounds.

Oops! We forgot the display! It is an 8.9" diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) CrystalBrite TFT LCD. Not bad considering the screen size and the trade-off of readability :-)

MSI Microstar Wind U100-420US for $330

If you are looking for an affordable netbook, and don't necessarily want to get one of the "big names", then take a look at the MSI Microstar Wind U100-420US icon, a 10" black netbook offered by J&R World for $330 plus shipping.

Just like most of the netbooks of the 2008 generation, it uses the Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor, and has 1gb of DDR2 memory (PC2-5300), 120gb SATA hard disk, wireless, webcam, ethernet, card reader, 3-cell LiIon battery, Windows XP Home, and weighs a mere 2.3 pounds. Feather-weight!

As we mentioned, the display is a 10-incher, and it has a resolution of 1024x600 (WSVGA), and it is LED backlit.

One more thing, this may be a smallish computer, but you don't need chopsticks to type, the keyboard is just 20% smaller than full-size notebook keyboard!

Deals marathon starts soon!

We are starting a laptop deals marathon, where every hour we will feature a new laptop deal. How big of a deal it is, depends on a number of factors, including whether sales tax is applicable.

Reconditioned HP Pavilion dv9913cl for $630

If you are not afraid of refurbished (reconditioned) laptops, you can get the HP Pavilion dv9913cl for $630 and with free shipping from

This laptop has a 2.10GHz dual-core processor, with a 17.0" widescreen WXGA+, 4gb memory, and 320GB hard disk. The video is powered by the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M, and of course it has a super-multi-format dvd burner.

Other features include an Express Card slot, card reader, a touchpad with dedicated scroll-up/scroll-down pad section, a 90-day HP-backed warranty, and things like that.

Hot Black Friday deals at has some nice Black Friday deals, starting with the Targues 15.4" League backpack for just $20 and with free budget shipping. This is a nice and stylish little backpack as you can see below:

Continuing with the accessories theme, we find the Kensington Ci70 wireless optical mouse for a mere $15 and with FREE budget shipping. Did we mention its stylish? Needless to say, wireless means a USB mouse, obviously not a PS/2 :-)

And because you can never have too much storage, an 8gb Kingston SDHC memory card costs a mere $14 and with free budget shipping. If you pull out your calculators, you will discover that this is less than $2 per gigabyte!

And when we say buy some "caviar", we don't mean the stinky elitist crapola! We mean the Western Digital Caviar 1TB internal hard disk drive, SATA, and with 3GB/s according to specs. The price? A cool one hundred bucks and with free shipping, but don't sleep on this one! It's only good for Black Friday!

We hope you enjoyed these specials. Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Top Selling Laptops at Amazon right now

With the Black Friday madness buzzing across the shoposphere (shop-o-sphere), let's take a look at the best selling laptops at As it has become customary the last few months, the netbooks are dominating the top positions. Something about being small, or something about the prices? (More likely a combination of both)

Top Selling Portables at Amazon
1. ASUS EeePC 900HA, $330
2. HP 2133-KR922UT, $300
3. Acer Aspire One, saphire blue, $397 (extra $11 for better body color scheme?)
4. Acer Aspire One, black, $386
5. One Laptop per Child XO, $400
6. Sony VAIO VGN-FW240J/H, $874 (the first "proper" laptop in the list)
7. Samsung NC10-14gb, $500 (no free microwave? :-)
8. Acer Aspire One, blue, $350
9. Apple MacBook MB466LL/A, $1220 after rebate
10.ASUS Eee PC 904HA, $355

Best of the Rest: Laptops only!
With waves and waves of netbooks, let's take a look at what laptops are found in the top sellers list:
17. Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A, $1800 after rebate
18. Toshiba Satellite L305-S5907, $700
20. Apple MacBook MB403LL/A, $1000 after rebate
21. Apple MacBook MB404LL/A, $1070 after rebate
23. Apple MacBook MB467LL/A, $1470 after rebate
24. HP Pavilion DV4-1120US, $710 after rebate
25. HP Pavilion G60-120US, $620 after rebate

Mega-deal at Fry's: Toshiba Satelite S5891 for $300

Fry's is guaranteed to create a mega-traffic-jam on Black Friday as they are offering the Toshiba S5891 laptop for a mere $300, without any rebates. This is one per customer and obviously while supplies last because there is going to be a stampede for this guy!

This is a nicely spec'ed laptop, it's not a pre-historic relic! Here are its basic specs:
  • Intel dual core T3200 processor (2GHz, 2MB L2, 667MHz FSB)
  • 2gb memory (DDR2, two dimm)
  • 160gb hard disk
  • 15.4" widescreen (1280x800)
  • Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics
  • wireless, ethernet, express card, modem, etc
  • Vista Premium

For more details, you can cross-reference it on the Fry's website, their product code number for this one is 5783152.

Don't sleep on these limited time Apple deals at Amazon!

Amazon is having some Black Friday limited-time-offer deals on Apple computers. So don't delay, check them out before the prices go up again or they run out of stock!

The deals include the MacBook MB402LL/A for $900, configured with a 13.3" widescreen, 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1gb memory, 120gb hard disk and trademark Apple-white finish.

But that's a rather basic configuration. If you want more, at $1169 you can get the MB404LL/A with a 2.4GHz dual core, 2gb memory and 250gb hard disk among other specs.

If standard laptops are too heavy and too thick, the MacBook Air, model MB0003LL/A can be yours for $1350. This has a 1.6GHZ Core2 processor, 2gb memory and 80gb disk. Of course when comparing prices, you have to compare to Apple, since the WinDoze/Wintel laptops are a whole lot cheaper.

Next up they have two MacBook Pro models, the MB133LL/A for $1600, with a 15.4" widescreen, 2.4GHz processor set, 2gb memory, 200gb disk, dvd burner and the like.

The other pro option is the MB134LL/A with a slightly faster processor (0.1GHz) and a larger hard disk by 50gb among other things. The price is $1750.

Lenovo IdeaPad U330 (13.3", P7350) for $1080 today only

Amazon's Gold Box special is featuring the Lenovo U330 IdeaPad laptop for $1080, which is 10% off their regular price of $1200. The price is good for the whole day today, as long as supplies last. The day is defined in terms of Amazon time, namely pacific time, aka Seattle time.

The U330 has a 13.3-Inch widescreen LED backlight display, with a 1280x800 resolution, which is not bad considering the size of the screen. The brains behind the operation belong to a 2GHz Intel Core-2 Duo P7350 processor. On the storage front it has 3GB of memory, 250gb of disk, and dvd burner of course.

On the graphics front, we find switchable video graphics, between the Ati Radeon HD 3450 (with 256MB dedicated GDDR3) and the Intel X4500MHD.

It also has the usual features you'd expect like wireless (a,g,n), webcam, bluetooth, hdmi, usb, and things like that. The weight is nice, with the battery it is around 4.3 pounds. Not featherweight like a netbook, but two pounds lighter than the common 15.4" widescreen laptops.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday: Refurbished Gateway M6843 yours for $540

Hello Black Friday shoppers! We have an intriguing refurbished laptop deal for you offered by the new CompUSA, which is now part of the family of companies that includes Tigerdirect.

You can get the refurbished Gateway M6843 for $540. You can save an extra $20 if you pay with PayPal.

So what are the specs of this RB-1015608R? Here is the summary:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 2.0GHz processor
  • 15.4" WXGA widescreen
  • 3GB DDR2 memory
  • 160GB hard disk
  • dvd burner
  • webcam and wireless, and things like that
  • Vista Home Premium

Deal: ZT Reliant N501i-17 for $900

If you are tired of the "usual brands" and Vista Aero crapola, Amazon comes to the rescue with the ZT Reliant N501i-17, offered for $900 and with free shipping and handling.

So what are the specs of this laptop? Let's take a look!
  • Intel Core2 Duo P7350 processor (Centrino2 Montevina)
  • 15.4" widescreen
  • 2GB memory (DDR2)
  • 320gb hard disk
  • dvd burner
  • Intel GMA X4500
  • Express Card
  • weighs about 5.5 pounds
  • Windows XP Pro, SP3 (noooooooo Vista!)

Acer Aspire A150-1447 sale at is having a thanksgiving sale on many things, including a cool Aspire Netbook! They have the Acer Aspire One with the Intel Atom N270 processor (1.6 GHz), Intel GMA950, with 1gb memory and a 160GB hard disk. And yes, it is running Windows XP home! This has a stylish black finish, and costs $359 plus shipping. You can also get this in a different color, in Sapphire Blue.

It also has lots of other practical features, such as wireless, memory card reader, ethernet, and a six-cell battery. The weight is just over 2 pounds, so this is feather-weight compared to the typical 15.4" widescreen laptop. Yum or not???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two hot EeePC 900 specials at B&H Photo

Not one, but two ASUS EeePC 900 specials are out right now at New York's famous superstore, B&H Photo!

We start with the more affordable, the pearl white EeePC 900 for $307 and FREE shipping. It has a 900Mhz Intel mobile (underclocked) Celeron processor, 1gb of memory, 20gb solid state hard disk (16gb + 4gb), an 8.9" widescreen display along with wireless and a webcam. The operating system will thrill Windoze-haterz, because it is LINUX! And this laptop is such a featherweight at merely 2.2 pounds!

For $390 instead, you can get the black EeePC 900, which comes with the same specs as above, but it has a much more "professional-looking" black finish instead of the pearl white which invites every single thing you ever touched or ate to be imprinted on it :-)

Having said all that, some people may prefer the lower price, or the pearl-white color. It's good to have options :-)

Black Friday deal from Dell Financial Services

We have a hot deal from Dell Financial Services direct sales! You can save 20% off with this Black Friday Coupon. This expires on December 8, 2008. The coupon is active TODAY, so you can start saving right here and right now!

What does this coupon get you?
  • valid on ALL products sold on
  • 20% discount applied before tax, shipping & handling
  • coupon can not be combined with any other coupon
  • applies to on-line orders only

This is in addition to the special Black Friday specials already in progress, which include $50 instant savings in laptops and $25 instant savings in desktops. Oh did we mention free ground shipping on ALL products. Yes, ALL products!

What is Dell Financial Services?
If you are not familiar, Dell Financial Services (DFS) offers premium-grade refurbished off-lease Dell computers and accessories. This is after all an environmental thing, since you are re-using existing hardware, so you get bonus "green karma points" :-)

You also get a 100-day limited warranty, and also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! The refurbishing of these computers is done by Dell itself.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dell Inspiron 1525 for exactly $500 (Celeron though)

Attention shoppers! We have a "Dell Light Special" for you! The Inspiron 1525 laptop is only $499 after $125 of instant savings. This is a limited time offer, so don't sleep on it if you are interested!

As with other Dells, you can configure it to your liking, and of course that will adjust the price. Obviously don't expect to put an eight-core processor in this laptop :-)

Here are the specs of the configuration featured in this post, and at the link above:
  • Intel Celeron 550 (2.0GHz, 533Mhz, 1M L2 Cache)
  • Upgrade to a dual-core processor an extra $225: Core2 Duo T8100 (2.1GHz/800Mhz FSB/3MB cache)
  • Widescreen 15.4" display (1280x800)
  • 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz
  • 120GB SATA disk spinning at 5400RPM
  • dvd burner
  • Intel GMA X3100 as expected
  • wireless, but no option for webcam
  • Vista Basic SP1 (woohoo, no Aero crapola ;-)
  • one year limited hardware warranty
  • ...with in-home service after remote diagnosis

So the big question is, do you go with a single-core Celeron in an era of dual-core galore? Well, the answer is up to you. If the applications you are planning to use this laptop for are not heavy-duty in terms of processing power, then you could be fine with Celeron considering that you do get 2gb of memory. Andthere is no Aero to hog up your resources.

Obviously you can get laptops with better specifications at this price point, but they will likely be from a less popular manufacturer than Dell. There are plenty of choices these days, which makes decisions even harder!

ASUS G50VT-X2 - early Black Friday from NewEgg

NewEgg is launching an early Black Friday preview sale, which seems to be the trendy thing to do this shopping season. For fans of stylish and above mid-range laptops, the ASUS G Series G50VT-X2 notebook can be yours for $1350 and with free shipping.

This laptop is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz) processor, and sports a 15.4" WSXGA+ screen, which translates to 1680x1050. Memory is maxed out at four gigabytes, while the hard disk is 320gb at 7200rpm. DVD burner is obviously included.
Other specs include the NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS with 512MB of DDR3 memory (NICE!), and Vista Premium.

Vote for the ASU EeePC 900, you could get it for $140

Amazon has brought back its Customers Vote feature, where registered Amazon users vote for their favorite deal among three different products. Voters who votes for the winning category will have a chance to buy that product at the very low price.

So of great laptop interest is Round #4 of the contest, where the ASUS EeePC 900 will be offered for just $129. There are 500 units set aside for this, so statistically it will be just a little better than winning the same amount of money in the lottery. Plus you don't have to pay to play :-) The competitors are the 60-minute Flip and an unlocked Nokia N95-3 phone. But fear not, the EeePC is currently winning by 2/3rds of the vote. So happy voting and good luck! :-)

The current price for the EeePC shown above is $431. It is a power-netbook, as it has a 900mhz Intel mobile processor, with an 8.9" LCD (1024x600), 1gb memory, 12gb solid state disk, WiFi, a 4-cell battery, and Windows XP Home.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dell invades the Sunday paper with an eight page circular ad

Dell is on the attack with an eight page circular ad in the Sunday papers. Yes, eight good pages of Dell goodies. Laptops are the stars of the show, as they occupy more than half of the pages. Viva laptops!

The Exotics
And this is a diverse portfolio of laptops advertised, touching upon most of Dell's popular product line-ups, going as small as the Mini-9 and as "big" as the more expensive XPS series.

But the meat is in-between, with the Studio 15 and 17 models being the "centerfold". Oh that "tangerine" color looks good, but considering that you will be carrying that around for a while, consider that the orange after-glow will be with you long after your infatuation with the coolness of that color ;-)

Let them have Inspirons
The bread and butter of course are the mass market Inspirons, with the 1525 being prominently featured in three different configurations, and as low as $530 and with free shipping, which is not a bad deal for a Dell-branded laptop.

Why not a bad deal? It comes with a dual-core T3200, 3gb memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner, webcam, and the less obnoxious Vista Basic, which solves your problem of having to "tone down" the Aero-holic features of Premium.

A very smart and directed circular ad by Dell. Very effective, especially among people who do not eat and breathe laptops on a daily basis. Ultimately of course, price is king and queen and princess at the same time, especially in these tough economic times.

But consider this, a laptop is a productivity tool, that can help you improve your work, hobbies or other projects. So $500 spend on a laptop can have a practical productivity impact, while $500 spend on designer watches and jewelry does absolutely nothing to increase productivity nor provide any practical benefits.

Deal: Acer laptop under $400 and without rebates (in-store only)

Office Depot wants you to visit their store! One of this week's mega-teasers is the Acer Aspire AS4730-4857 laptopicon for $390 and that's without any mail-in rebates. This is is limited to one per customer and there are no rainchecks, so you'd better run "The ODP" ;-)

And even though the price is $390, this is not a toy laptop. It is quite good for most tasks. Just take a look at the major specifications here:
  • 14.1"-widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) display (mobility advantage over 15.4")
  • Intel dual-core T3200 processor (2GHz)w/1MB L2 cache
  • up to 667MHz frontside bus
  • 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM memory (max 4gb)
  • 160GB 5400-rpm (SATA) disk
  • SuperMulti dvd burner
  • Intel GMA 4500MHD (stealing up to 1759MB shared memory)
  • wireless alphabet soup (b,g,N)
  • all the usual features such as memory card reader, ethernet, usb, etc
  • It even has an ExpressCard/54 slot (and also supports the /34 card, also)
  • 6-cell lithium-ion battery (2200 mAh)
  • weights about 5.3 pounds

Again please note that the $390 price is only good in-store. The online price is $390. This is an awesome deal for a 14.1" laptop with 2gb of memory. If you can find it that is, that's the catch :(


Friday, November 21, 2008

Deal: Corporate laptop with layoff-proof pricing

If you are looking for a corporate-class laptop but don't want to pay corporate-class prices, Dell has a special offer going on for the next few days. You can get the Latitude E5400 Laptop for $700 after the promotional instant savings are factored in. Not bad!

So what are the specs at this price-point you ask? Well, here is the listed configuration:
  • Intel Core2 Duo T7250 processor (2.00GHz, 2M L2 Cache, 800Mhz FSB)
  • 14.1 inch Wide Screen WXGA LCD Panel (mobility vs power trade-off winner?)
  • 2GB, DDR2-800 SDRAM with 2 DIMMS
  • 160GB Hard Drive, 5400RPM
  • dvd burner
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (corporate, not extreme gaming)
  • Dell Touchpad
  • Dell Wireless 1397 802.11b/g Mini Card
  • 6-cell battery
  • Vista Basic SP1 (most lightweight Vista option)
  • three year Limited Warranty and three year mail-in service

But remember, as with all things Dell, you can customize it to your liking, although you can't obviously put a 64-core CPU inside. Or can you? ;-) And by customizing, it doesn't always mean the price goes up, you can remove features that you don't want or don't, and then the price goes DOWN!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Give a laptop (get a laptop) promotion to change the world

Amazon is among the companies participating in the promotion to give laptops to children in developing countries. They have two options, one to buy the laptop for a developing-country child for $200 and another to get one for yourself and buy one for the developing country child for $400. A Buy-One Give-One promotion. For more, visit the Amazon Change the World pages.

Legendary PC Magazine to stop printing

Sad news for one of the most iconic magazines of the 80s and 90s in the world of general-purpose consumer computers, as PC Magazine will stop printing magazines on paper. Three cheers from the glossy trees, but yet again, yet another sign of the times.

Ask anyone from the younger generation when you show them magazines like PC-Magazine or Wired, and they will tell you, "why did they print the whole Engadget archives for a whole month?". Don't they have internet access?

But there are some good news, PC Magazine will continue its online presence and will "print online".

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New HP TouchSmart tx2z wants you to touch it!

HP has announced a brand new multi-touch convertible laptop, the TouchSmart tx2z. This will be relatively affordable at around $1200, and with pretty decent specs considering that it has a 12" convertible multi-touch screen.

Meanwhile Business Week is saying that HP has beaten Apple, both long-time Silicon Valley neighbors and rivals. Considering that Apple depends a lot more on the "fashionably geeky" marketing angle than HP does, this does not look good for Apple.

Deal: Dell XPS M1530 for $1100 (expires Thur early AM)

Dell is offering their stylish XPS M1530 for $1100 after instant-savings and upgrades. This is part of their annual winter savings event. A seasonal deal :-)

Here are the main specs for the configuration priced at $1100, but as with all things Dell, you can customize many of the available options:
  • Intel Core2 Duo T8100 (2.1GHz/800Mhz FSB, 3MB Cache)
  • 4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz (2 Dimms)
  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
  • slot-loading dvd burner
  • 15.4" glossy widescreen LCD(1440x900) with 2MP webcam
  • 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT
  • fingerprint reader
  • 64-bit Vista Premium SP1
  • two year limited warranty
  • and much more

And please don't forget, this price is good until 6am eastern time on Thursday November 19.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Featured: Fujitsu LifeBook A1110 Notebook

If you are interested in looking at laptops not from the mass-market brands, you may find the Fujitsu LifeBook A1110 notebook of interest. You have many options to customize it, but here are some of the main features:
  • 15.4" Crystal View WXGA display (200 nits)
  • 4GB memory, which is 2 DIMMs, DDR2 at 800 MHz
  • 320 GB hard disk, SATA, spinning at 5400 rpm
  • multiformat dvd burner
  • 6-cell battery

Monday, November 17, 2008

New MacBook Pro review by Terry White

High-tech blogger Terry White has posted his review of the Apple MacBook Pro. This is the laptop the reviewer uses most of the time, and its his favorite, so pay close attention!

This is the 2.8GHz model (4gb, 320gb (@7200rpm)), and the reviewer certainly has a long list of pros and benefits. But it's not a bed of roses, there are some things that could be improved - as with all things high-tech after all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The $400 laptop is back!

And you don't even need to submit a rebate to get it at this price! The Netbooks are giving the entry-level laptops are a run for their money, and the consumers are giving because they get more products at lower prices.

Case in point the Compaq CQ50-215nr, an exclusive at Best Buy, offered at $400 with no rebates. This is quite good for general-purpose usage, you get two gigabytes of memory, a reasonable 160gb hard disk, AMD dual-core, and a 15.4" widescreen display. It includes all the other usual features, and it's one per household.

Granted, laptops that cost twice as much have more features, or offer better performance, battery life and such, but if the price is your #1 priority, then this is a very good price, especially if you are the type of person that hates having to go through the rebate process!

HP dv4112nr leads a wave of laptops at Circuit City

If it's Sunday, it must be a new wave of weekly promotions by the chain store retailers! Let's start with Circuit City!

We start with the HP DV4112nr offered at $600. This has a bit of everything, from 4gb of memory, with 250gb of hard disk, a dual core Core2 processor T5800, and a mobility-friendly 14.1" widescreen display. Along of course with the usual suspect of features. Did we mention 64-bit Vista?

The affordable Compaq CQ5013us is offered at a "secret price". Secret since the Circuit City website is currently "temporarily" down. Temporarily or something else? Regardless, this is the affordable entry-level type, with the T3200 dual-core processor, 2gb memory, and 160gb hard disk. It has the usual 15.4" widescreen display, but do note that it is only one per household. This being Compaq model CO5031us.

Circuit City Weekly Ad 234x60

Meanwhile, if you don't like the Comapaq above, there is a 14.1" Lenovo alternative offered at the same price, $600. The processor is of the Centrino variety, with a 3gb memory, and 250gb hard disk. This is the IdeaPad Y4305232U. And of course it has the usual array of features, like wireless, webcam, and things like that.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Deal: Dell XPS 420 desktop with 20" display for $950

Yes, this is a laptop blog, but desktops are necessary to keep our desks anchored to the floor :-) Kidding aside, Dell Home is offering (until 6am on Sunday) the XPS 420 Desktop with the 20" Widescreen display, model SP2009W, for $950. The e-value code for this is E-value Code: 6VAFF-DXDNQF1.

Here are the main specs of this promotion, but remember as with all things Dell, you can customize it to your liking:
  • Intel Core2 Q6600 Quad-Core processor (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB)
  • 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz (with 4 DIMMs)
  • 500GB spinning at 7200RPM (SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache)
  • DVD-ROM Drive (*GASP*, but you can customize it!!!!!)
  • Dell SP2009W 20" Widescreen monitor + webcam
  • ATI Radeon HD 3450 256MB w/HDMI-out
  • Dell USB Keyboard and mouse
  • Dell media Card Reader (19-in-1)
  • 64-bit Vista Premium Edition SP1
  • 2Yr limited hardware warranty

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Toshiba M305-S4835 review

PC Magazine has posted their review of the Toshiba M305-S4835 laptop. So what did the well-known magazine think of this Satellite? Is it good enough to orbit your wallet? :-) The price is around $1000, and it is on the thin-size of things.

Vista haters rejoice, Windows 7 is coming... eventually

Yes, Vista haters unite and celebrate. Apart from XP, you will eventually have another option, Windows 7. Assuming of course Windows 7 is an improvement over Vista. And that is not necessarily a safe assumption.

With all that as a preface, has a Windows 7 teaser preview. Will it have a dancing and singing Bill Gates? Will Steve Ballmer be eating kittens in the Tutorial videos ;-)

Laptop review round-up

Let's take a look at some of the latest laptop reviews around the net!

First up we have the adorable Lenovo IdeaPad U330 by This is has a lovely 13.3" widescreen display, dual core of course, DDR3 memory, and things like that. It sells for over $1000, and weights just over four pounds.

Next up we have a review of the Gateway MC7803u laptop, which sports a 16" widescreen, a rebel screen size among the "traditional" 13.3", 14.1", 15.4" and 17" sizes. This is near four figures, and has mid-level and above features.

And now a review of a business laptop, the HP 6730b, also posted by Notebook Review. This has many features as you can expect at this price-point.

And we close with a video at Engadget, featuring the Samsung X460, which has a 14.1" widescreen display and nice style.

Stay tuned for more review round-ups in the next few days!

Special: Dell Latitude E4300 starting at $1600

Dell Small Business is having a special deal on the ultra-portable Latitude E4300 laptop. The price starts at $1600, and this configuration includes a Core 2 Duo processor (SP9300), 1gb memory (DDR3-1066), 80gb disk, dvd burner, Intel 4500MHD, wireless, 3-cell battery, and 3-year warranty.

This is a "feather-weight" laptop but it is full-featured for a laptop. Which is why it has a 13.3" widescreen LED-backlit display. It comes with Vista Basic SP1. And of course as with all things Dell, you can customize it to your liking, while still of course obeying the laws of physics and computer hardware limitations :-)

And when we say feather-weight, it surely is, at around 2.2 pounds. So what would you prefer? This one, or the Macbook Air, or the Thinkpad X300? Or something else? :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Laptop news from the blogosphere

Let's take a look at the high-tech websites and blogs, and see some of the interesting stories from the world of laptops and computing.

We start with a couple of Dell stories at Engadget, first up the Dell Vostro A860 is coming to the USA market soon, and starting at $380. This is an affordable but very usable laptop, with a 15.6" display, GMA X3100+, and things like that. The other Dell story is that customizable artsy-fartsy laptops will be becoming more prevalent in 2009.

Attention frequent travelers! Crunch Gear has a review of a TSA-approved laptop bag by Travelon. There's even a 4 minute video portion of the review.

The 16:9 15.6" laptops are springing up everywhere to mirror the 16:9 of HDTVs, but CNet's Crave asks the tough and smart question: Who really needs this?

And speaking of CNet, be sure to check out their holiday shopping guide for laptops. They have broken them down in four categories, based on (what else) price. If the price is right, the deal is right too!

We already talked about laptops vs netbooks, and now there is another opinion, UberGizmo says there is a perfect storm

It's all about the customers at Best Buy, and by flexing their muscle, they have managed to get HP and Toshiba to create Best Buy blue label laptops.

And one last thing, for waves and waves of new laptop and computer specials, be sure to check the Notebooks Etc blog, which is part of our new high-tech Laptop Zen blog-hive.

We hoped you enjoyed this round-up of the latest news. Check back tomorrow for more! And if you would like to see specific topics covered, please feel free to leave a comment with your requests. Unfortunately we are not The Oprah, so we cannot put a brand new laptop under everyone's chair :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LCD price fixing scandal!

A trio of companies, namely Sharp, LG and Chunghwa have been spanked for pricing fixing LCD prices. Lots of links at Tech Meme. The fine is over half a billion dollars for their price-fixing sins.

Imagine how much cheaper laptops would have been without the price fixing. Not that we are complaining that laptop prices are too high these days, especially with the netbooks fighting off the entry-level 15.4" widescreens in the $500 price-range.

Related, the laptop vs netbook opinion we posted a couple of days ago.

Pre-Black Friday one day sale at J&R World

Hello Shoppers out there! J&R World is having a teaser Black Friday sale today, offering a number of items at lower prices!

Of interest to laptop users, is the ASUS EBXB202BKX0023 Eee Box, in black finish, for $270. Vista-haterz will adore this because it is running XP Home! Viva ASUS :) The main specs are as follows: Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz processor, 1GB memory, 80GB disk, Intel GMA 950 graphics, 802.11gn wireless, memory card reader, and VESA Mount Kit.

Other things of interest are a 120gb classic iPod for $220, and an Antec 15137 Sonata III Quiet Super Mini Desktop Mid-Tower ATX Case, black finish, for $89. Computer internals not included :) To check all the specials, head over to Pre-Black Friday Deals

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Circuit City filing for bankruptcy

One of the biggest brick and mortar retailers that sell laptops is having financial troubles. Circuit City will be filing for bankruptcy and at the same time closing a number of stores. With the holiday shopping season almost upon us, this could be a make-or-break time for the City. Considering how the economy is right now, Circuit City employees will certainly keep crossing their fingers and hoping for better days.

And at the same time, from a consumer perspective, you may want to consider whether you want to buy a product with a mail-in rebate from Circuit City. If the rebate amount is small, or if you would have bought the item regardless of the rebate amount, then it may be a non-issue, but if it's a big mail-in rebate, then you may want to consider the possibility that Circuit City may not be able to fulfill the rebate.

More on the Circuit City bankruptcy:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Buy throws down the $300 laptop gauntlet

Take that ultra-mobile and mini-PCs! Best Buy goes on the traditional laptop attack with a $300 laptop, no rebates. Assuming of course you can find it in-stock which is a very very very big IF.

The laptop in question is the 14.1" eMachines EMD620-5777 offered at exactly $300. This is no slouch, it has 1gb of memory, 120gb hard disk, wireless "G", and the AMD 2650e processor, and Vista Basic. Vista Basic is actually a blessing in disguise, especially considering the specs :-) This is a Best Buy exclusive model.

Did we mention a 14.1" widescreen display which is preferred as a compromise by some travelers and mobile users. A compromise between the bigger 15.4" and the smaller 13.3" that is.

Let the Black Friday price wars begin!

Controversial MacBook Pro review

Apple fans are passionate about their brand, so when Scott Kelby posted his MacBook Pro Review (digg), tempers flared among the readers of the review and things turned ugly.

The author of the review explains what caused the drama and talks about the review.

Laptop vs Desktop: Some ideas

So what do you get? A laptop or a desktop? The choices are plenty these days, which makes the decision even harder. So, rather than doing a traditional pros and cons, instead we are going to present to you some trade-offs that might help you in making such a decision.

Laptop vs Desktop Trade-offs
  • A display is glued-in with your laptop
  • You can't easily cannibalize and mix-and-match with a laptop
  • You can't take your desktop with you
  • The price no longer favors desktops significantly
  • You can find sub-$500 laptops without much bargain-hunting effort
  • Large variety of USB accessories (including hard disks) level the playing field
  • desktops are still cheaper
  • if laptop is your only computer, beware of what type of private data you store if you are out and about with your laptop

Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 (upgrade) special at Amazon!

Attention Vista SP1 upgraders out there! Amazon has a limited four-hour gold-box special on the upgrade edition of Vista Home Premium Service Pack One (SP1) for $88 with free shipping. To get to the special price, you have to check the "Gold Box" at Amazon. The $88 price is good until 1pm eastern time. After that the price will return to $110. Savings of $22 we provide you. You can thank us later, hopefully not if your blue-screen blue-screens :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top Selling Laptops at Amazon right now

So, what are the most popular laptop at Amazon right now? Amazon is obviously a big market, so it's a good place to check what the best sellers are. If you want more, be sure to check the latest best sellers.

Top Selling Laptops at Amazon right now
  1. Acer Aspire One (8.9", Atom, blue)
  2. ASUS EeePC 900HA (8.9", Atom)
  3. Acer Aspire One (8.9", Atom, black)
  4. ASUS EeePC 1000H (10", Atom)
  5. Acer Aspire One (8.9", Atom, white)
  6. ASUS EeePC 1000HA (10", Atom, ebony)
  7. ASUS EeePC 1000HA (10", Atom, white)
  8. MSI Wind U100-432us (10", Atom)
  9. Apple MacBook MB466LL/A (13.3", Core2 Duo)
  10. Apple MacBook MB133LL/A (15.4", Core2 Duo)

Brief Analysis
It looks like the Acer Aspire is winning the popularity war at this point in time, with three different colors in the top five!

As you can see from above, the top eight are mini-laptops, or ultra-mobiles if you like. Interesting no traditional Wintel models in the top 10, and the only two "traditional" models are at the bottom of the top ten and they belong to the not-so-affordable Apple.

Laptops: A great and functional holiday season gift

If you are looking for gift ideas for the Holiday Shopping season, think practical. Practical is the theme of the 2008 holiday season because of the state of the world economy.

With gold prices going through the roof, jewelry is out of the question, plus it is not very practical. Watches can tell time, but how much better will a $500 clock tell time than a $20 clock? Furthermore, technology prices continue to slide, while a lot of other items prices go up. Salaries or at least the buying power of money is going down.

So technology is a good match, since the dropping prices are actually running ahead of inflation. So you get the best bang for your buck for sure.

So what kind of laptop do you get? We already discussed the ultra-mobile vs regular-laptop a couple of days ago.

In terms of computer-power, the $500-ish laptops you can find in the weekly newspaper ads by the major retailer chains are relatively easy to find if you go to the stores on Sunday. On the other hand, you can also take a chance on "Black Friday" deals, but considering the state of the economy, there may be even more people lining up for the great deals than usual, and the retailers may be offering better deal to entice more people.

So if this is true, if you are lucky, you may be able to get a great deal during the Black Friday madness.

Another $500AR laptop: Compaq CQ50-107nr

We have another $500 (AR) laptop, this time the Compaq Presario CQ50-107nr! The $500 price is after a $100 mail-in prepaid card however. This is at Radio Shack and it has a nice set of features for general purpose use. Ideal if you have a RS gift card to spend or use. Some of the key features are:
  • AMD Athlon X2 QL-60 dual core processor
  • 2gb memory
  • 15.4" widescreen
  • 120gb hard disk
  • dvd burner
  • wireless
  • webcam
  • Vista Premium


New Compaq CQ50-139nr lands at Office Max

A new Compaq laptop, the CQ50-139nr has landed at Office Max at the tempting price of $500. Office Max of course has no rebates, so what you pay is what you pay! This new model has plenty of features for the price, and should be good for most general purpose and multimedia tasks!

You get a 15.4" widescreen display, 3gb of memory, 250gb hard disk, dual core T3200 processor, wireless and webcam, along with memory crd reader and Vista Premium.

Find out more in this week's Office Max specials.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Great laptop prices at Best Buy this week

There are some nice laptop deals at Best Buy this week. And even more so, there are no rebates to mail. What you pay is really what you pay :-)

14.1" widescreen Gateway T633OU for $500
This is an awesome deal, if you can find it in-stock, the Gateway T6330U for $500. This is a nicely featured laptop with a mobile-friendly 14.1" widescreen display. Battery life is 2 hours and 45 minutes. This is a Best Buy exclusive model, with a Pentium dual core processor, a very generous 3gb of memory, 250gb hard disk, dvd burner, wireless, and all the usual stuff. This is awesome!

Other good deals under $1000
Toshiba fans will be thrilled to find the Satellite A305-S6872 for $600. Apart from a very generous 4 hours battery life, you get 3gb of memory, Centrino, and all the other usual features. This is an exclusive, and only one per household. Essentially this is your typical 15.4" laptop with some nice specs.

Alternatively, bundle fans may be interested in the Acer AS5735-4624 for $550. The bundle includes a Netgear g-router and GeekSquad service. The specs are not bad, dual core Pentium, two gigs of memory, 160gb disk, and 15.6" CrystalBrite wide. Yes, Acer is muddying the waters with alternate screen sizes :)

And now back to the 14.1" laptops, the very stylish ASUS X83VB-X1 which we mentioned last week, an be yours for $700. This uses an LED display, not an LCD display, goes for about 200 minutes battery-wise, with 4gb memory, and beefed up internals, including a 9300M GS card with dedicated memory. And bonus style points for the orange-tangerine-pumpkin color theme :)

HP has a competitor to that though, but it costs $100 more. This is the Pavilion dv4-1145go, with the usual features at this price point, including the max-out four gigs of memory. It's good to have choices :-)

How about over $1000?
There are two noteworthy notebooks nudging over $1000 :) The Sony Vaio VGN-FW-270-J (who came up with these ugly model names?) feautres the usual specs, including 4gb of memory, Blu-Ray playback, an a 16.4" Cinematic 16:9 widescreen display, which is the new rage among laptops. New rage as in new excuse to hike up prices :-)

But Best Buy does not want to disappoint the gamers! A fiery red Toshiba X305-Q705 promoting Farcry 2 is spotlighted at $1400. As you can expect for a gamer laptop, you get a 17" screen, 8-cell battery, 7200rpm disk, 9700 GTS card (with 512mb), and tings like that.

In conclusion
If you are looking not to spend a lot of money, and don't object to making some compromises, there are some great deals to be found. Once upon a time the 15.4" laptops where the good deals, but now the more mobile 14.1" models are starting to flirt with the $500 price point. Either way, five hundred dollars can get you a lot of laptop these days! Forget watches and jewelry for the holiday shopping season! Technology is king this holiday shopping season. Just about the only thing with prices going down consistently :)