Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why do you need two laptops?

There are many reasons to have more than one laptops, but if you need a hard reason to justify a second laptop, we have some ideas for you. You can use this to justify it to yourself or your spouse or boss or whoever controls the financial decision :-)

When traveling
If you use a laptop as your main computer, and you travel with it, think again. With airport security taking a look inside laptops, you probably don't want your personal and business data to be accessed by 3rd parties beyond your control. This could be your TaxCut or Quicken data, your company's emails and documents, personal documents, things that can used for identity theft purposes, proprietory and NDA data, and things like that.

And what about Wifi?
The above, combined with the availability of Wifi at almost every street corner, means that you probably don't want to have your main laptop loaded with all your personal and business data to be in this vulnerable position.

The Plan B laptop
If you rely on a laptop for your business, what if your laptop has a hardware failure? You just can't wait for it to get fixed, whether it's going to local technician or mailing it to the manufacturer.

What you want is to have another laptop ready to go, so you can continue with your time-sensitive activities, and once you finish your time-sensitive tasks, what you have to do, then you can come back and take care of the ailing laptop.

A good way to keep upgrading at a low cost
This method also allows you to keep rotating newer laptop models, so you can have newer models with faster processor and better specifications, while at the same time, not buying the top of the line model, but instead always going for the sweet spot and getting the best bang for the buck laptops.

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