Saturday, October 25, 2008

HP DV7-1132n for $700 at Staples

Attention laptop shoppers! The HP Pavilion DV7-1132n is on sale at Staples for $700. This is an "entertainment" laptop as it features a 17" widescreen display, and can also serve as a desktop replacement because of the larger screen.

It has a great amount of memory, four gigabytes (4gb) which is great, along with the AMD RM-70 dual core Turion processor, and 250gb of hard disk space. Other specs of interest include dvd burner with lightscribe, hard disk protection, wireless, memory card reader, and 64-bit Vista Premium, of the Home variety.

There are no rebates to mail or file online. The price is a straight $700. The special is good from Sunday October 26 up until Saturday November 1st!

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