Thursday, October 30, 2008

HP dv4-1028us makes a Big Lots front page debut

Well, you know laptops are beyond mainstream when Big Lots has a big laptop special on the front page of their weekly circular ad. Yes folks, Big Lots, formerly known as MacFrugals in some states.

And this is not a joke-laptop, this is a feature-packed model going for $600. They claim it is part of an $8 million closeout by HP. The model is the HP dv4-1028us, and it has *gasp* 4-gigabytes of memory, a 320gb hard disk, and a 14.1" widescreen display which attracts mobile users while not having a totally tiny screen either.

Other features include a 2GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor, dvd burner with lightscribe, WiFi (Intel Link 5100), webcam, and memory card reader. Holy cow, this is a good deal!

So when you walk down the Big Lots aisles, your shopping cart will be filled with 50c cans of tuna and HP dv4-1028us laptop :-)

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