Monday, October 27, 2008

Decision time: Laptop or Ultra-mobile?

With the prices dropping for laptops and ultra-mobiles becoming (finally) more popular, a number of people are facing the decision whether to get a traditional sub-$500 laptop or one of the cutesy ultra-compacts.

Obviously processing power is one of the factors to consider, but the gap between the two is closing, but the ultra-mobiles don't have to catch up or jump over the laptops to succeed. All they have to do is be fast enough when using popular web applications, such as browsing and email. So in a way the race is not between the two types of computers, but rather between the ultra-mobiles and the common applications. And with newer and faster browsers, such as Chrome, things are looking even more promising into the future.

So what should you get if you are buying the price-point? Well, the answer quite possibly depends on how you plan to use the computer. The ultra-mobiles are much smaller and easier to take with you everywhere. On the other hand, most of the sub-$500 laptops are of the six-pound variety and they feature the typical 15.4" widescreen. Not exactly ...ultra-portable, although by no means un-mobile.

If you are looking for something that offers basic connectivity applications, such as browsing and email, and you will be carrying with you everywhere you go without hassle, then an ultramobile. Otherwise, a "real" laptop.

One last note, by "browsing" in the paragraph above we don't mean opening up 50 Firefox tabs and loading them up with multimedia :-)

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